Privacy, Usage and Copyright

e-Nabız is a website that provides access to all health information of a person from a single portal. The e-Nabız’s aim is to provide citizens and the physicians authorized by citizens with access to personal health data effectively and efficiently through information and communication technologies.

The rules that are seen as fundamental for ensuring the safety of the transactions made by the people over the e-Nabız and the information used in these transactions are given below.

The Ministry of Health has fulfilled the security measures required for the safe delivery of the e-Nabız system and its visual infrastructure.

Security of Personal Data

Only the person and the physicians and/or people who have received the consent of the person can see the health information on e-Nabız.

Information shared by the people on e-Nabız will not be shared or given to any third party, institution or organization for any reason whatsoever, unless it is approved by the person or is subject to judicial decision and/or legal obligation. With no exceptions, this information will not be disclosed unless a statutory requirement requires disclosure of such information.

Limitations of Liability

The Ministry of Health and/or employees shall not be liable for any damages, including, but not limited to, direct or indirect damages or costs that may result from errors, omissions, viruses, delays caused by administrative deployment and/or system connection failure during use of e-Nabız, whether they are aware of such possibilities or not.

The services and applications offered in e-Nabız are provided by the Ministry of Health. However, the sufficiency of the information given here is the responsibility of the institutions that send data to e-Nabız, the health professionals who enter data in these institutions, the persons who add their own data (blood pressure, sugar, etc.) and the drug information system service providers where drug information is received. The Ministry of Health has no responsibility for the mistakes and deficiencies in these services or due to delays and disruptions.

The Ministry of Health has the right to temporarily suspend services due to changes in services, web services, pages, information, visual and literary content and technical problems published in e-Nabız.


The Ministry of Health retains the licenses and copyrights related to the materials, technologies and information that make up e-Nabız's design, and their use, reference, quotation and modification. No organization or person shall use, distribute, rent, sublicense, modify or otherwise use commercial or non-commercial purposes for the purpose of providing, submitting, or using any part or all of the content presented or used in e-Nabız unless written permission is obtained from the Ministry of Health. All copyrights, registered trademarks, patents, intellectual and other proprietary rights belonging to the Ministry of Health for information and materials that provide competitive advantage to the Ministry of Health other than third party and / or firm materials. The citation may be granted provided that The Ministry of Healh is shown as the source.