About e-Nabız

e-Nabız is an application that citizens and health professionals access to health data collected from health institutions via internet and mobile devices. Regardless of where your examinations and treatments are held, it is a personal health record system where you can manage all your health information and access your medical background from a single location. It is the world's largest and most comprehensive healthcare information infrastructure that you can access safely on the internet, enabling physicians within the time frame and bounded authority of your choice to assess your health records, thereby increasing the quality and speed of the diagnosis and treatment process and establishing a strong communication between you and your physician.


When entering the system, authentication can be done in two ways.

1. 1. Using E-State password, E-Signature or Mobile Signature over the E-Government Gate, you can login to the system with your TR ID number (Figure 1). When you click on E-Government login you will be directed to the E-Government login you see in Figure 2.

Figure 1. e-Nabız Sign In Screen

Figure 2. E-Government Sign In Screen

The first screen you are directed to create your profile information when you log in contains the Terms of Use. To start creating your profile, you need to mark the box next to "Read e-Nabız System usage conditions". (Figure 3).

Figure 3. e-Nabız “Create Profile” Screen / Terms of Use

Step 2 is filling your personal information to create your profile (Figure 4).

Figure 4. e-Nabız “Create Profile” Screen / Personal Information

You can choose who will have access to your personal health information from the Sharing Options. The final stage when creating your profile information is Access Information. Here you need to enter your mobile phone information and the e-Nabız password you want to use in the system. You will then be able to activate your e-Nabız by entering the access code from your mobile phone in the Confirmation Code field. (Figure 5)

Figure 5. Entering the Access Code in the Confirmation Code field.]

2. If you do not have an E-Government password, you can log in to the system by registering your mobile phone number with your Family Physician who is registered with the Ministry of Health and using the disposable access code that is sent to you by text message.


When you login to e-Nabız, if you click on the "Edit" button at the bottom of profile photo on the left side of the home screen, the screen in Figure 6 will be opened. From this menu you can change both your password and all your profile information.

Figure 6. Change Profile Information and Password Screen



If you have health information in the e-Nabız system this is the first screen you have shown when you enter the system. You can see the last two examinations that have taken place on your screen. (Figure 7.)

Figure 7. Health History Screen

On the same page, You can evaluate your last examinations in terms of quality of service and you can add or remove comments on examinations and hospitals. On this page you can see your hospital appointments and past appointments that you have received via MHRS on the Calendar. In the Notifications section, you can review information about your account, including recent activities, recent access and hospital visits.


If you don’t have health information on e-Nabız system this is the screen you will be shown. (Figure 8.) If you have Health Information, you can see this section below the Health History. You can see your blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate and weight information which you have previously added or transmitted from mobile devices numerically or graphically on this screen.

Figure 8. Health Profile/Graph


You can view your profile information by logging into e-Nabız and clicking "Edit Profile" button at Home. From here you can upload/update photos, update passwords, change your country/city of residence, height, blood type, email and mobile phone information. You can add more than one email and mobile phone information. (Figure 9)

Figure 9. Profile Information/Edit Profile

You can access the "Sharing Options" menu and choose from the options below for sharing your healthcare data: "No one can see my healthcare data (mandatory confirmation by SMS code or authenticator)" "My Family physician can see my healthcare data" "Only the physician that I have/had appointments can see my healthcare data” “All the doctors in the hospital which I have my appointment can see my healthcare data” (Figure 10)

Figure 10. Profile Information Display / Share Options

You can add all your mobile devices with internet connection to the e-Nabız system. After you click on the "Add" button, you can click the Generate Password button and scan the QR code on the screen from your mobile application (Figure 11).

Figure 11. Profile Information Display / Add Device

You can delete or freeze your e-Nabız account at any time for any length of time. You can only do this by entering your e-Nabız account via the e-Government gateway. (Figure 12.) The health facility information you have visited and details of the visits within the time you freeze your account will not be reflected in the e-Nabız system. If you close your account, your history of sensor data such as Blood Pressure, Steps, etc. will be erased and you will not be able to access this data again.

Figure 12. Profile Information My Screen / Freeze Account, Delete Account


You can see your visits to healthcare facility on the "Healthcare facility visits" page in the form of date/SYS follow-up no., Hospital name and branch on the basis of examination. You can filter by Hospital and Branch by clicking the Search button. (Figure 13)

Figure 13. Healthcare Facility Visits Screen

With the "View Details" button you can access the selected healthcare facility visit and the procedure name, procedure time and examination information. Within this process, you can find the prescription, diagnosis, report, examination performed and details of the radiological image taken and contents. If you do not think this is the case for you, you can report the error by clicking on 'No Transaction'. (Figure 14)

Figure 14. Health Facility Visits / Details Screen

By clicking on the "Share" button, you will be able to share your health information with a temporary period of time that you choose, with your email address and your mobile phone number. (Figure 15) The person you choose will be approved by you to click on the link to your email address and enter your verification code on your mobile phone to view your health information.

Figure 15. Healthcare Facilities Visits / Healthcare Share Screen

You can evaluate your visits to the health facility with the "Evaluate" button in terms of quality of service, and you can make and delete comments on the visits. (Figure 16.)

Figure 16. Health Facility Visits / Hospital Screen

My Prescriptions

If you click on "Prescriptions", all prescriptions written by doctors from the date the system is opened will be displayed by date order. You can access the medicines you have used before. If you select the prescription, you can access information such as medicine information, usage and period, as well as side effects and indications related to the medicines you use. (Figure 18.)

Figure 18. My Prescriptions Screen

You can get detailed information about your prescriptions by clicking on the "View Details" button. (Figure 19.)

Figure 19. My Prescriptions / Detail View Screen

You can view the box picture of your medicine by clicking on "Box Picture" in the recipe detail. (Figure 20)

Figure 20. Prescriptions/Box Picture Screen/p>

You can see the "Medicine Reminders" information you can only add in the e-Nabız mobile application. (Figure 21.)

Figure 21. My Prescriptions / Medicine Reminder Screen

Click on the barcode number of the prescribed medicines to access the medicines prospectus information. Medicine information you see here is provided by a contracted company with the Ministry of Health. Please note that all information on the system is purely informative and use your medicines in doses and forms recommended by your physician. If there is a situation in your medical information that warns you about your specific health condition, you should consult your physician urgently.

My Reports

You can see all the reports written by your doctor from this screen. You can take doctors' medications, supplies and resting reports on this platform and share your reports with people you identify. (Figure 22)

Figure 22. My Reports Screen

My Diseases

In this screen, you can see all the diagnoses made by you after your examinations on the basis of history, diagnosis, clinic and doctor. (Figure 23.)

Figure 23. Diseases Screen

My Test

You can list all the tests and results you have on this screen, along with reference values, based on date and description. You can reach the details by clicking on the test you want. You can filter by date range and transaction name. (Figure 24.)

Figure 24. Display of the tests

The results of your tests are shown by coloring this difference outside the reference value ranges. With the PDF button, you can save all your test results as a pdf on your computer, simply by choosing your desired test result or by selecting your tests from a specific date range. You can report that the wrong test results by pressing the 'This does not belong to me' button. You can see the result of your test on the graph by clicking on the graphical icon, you can see your results in tabular form with the table button on the same page. (Figure 25.)

Figure 25. My Test / Test Results Graphic Display Screen

My Images

All medical imaging and radiological reports you have acquired can be accessed on a date, hospital and image basis thanks to the Telemedicine and Teleradiology system integration. (Figure26) You can also access the details by clicking on the image you want and clicking on the report. You can share images and reports with doctors and family members who will be determined in the country and abroad via internet and mobile application. Doctors can add their own comments, as well as reports that other doctors have written on the current image. You do not need to repeat the same imaging request in different hospitals when you want to get an assessment from different doctors about your illness.

Figure 26. Display Screen

Bone Marrow And Blood Donation

Blood Donation

On this screen you can view the address and date information on which blood donation teams have conducted their work, and you can follow your blood donation history. (Figure 27.)

Figure 27. Blood Donation Screen

If you are a volunteer blood donor when there is a need for blood of your type in your chosen city and county Turkish Red Crescent will send you a text message. (Figure 28.)

Figure 28. Blood Donation Member Screen

Bone Marrow Donation

On this screen you can volunteer as a Volunteer Bone Marrow donor and manage your transactions. (Figure 29.)

Figure 29. Bone Marrow Donation Screen

Figure 30. Bone Marrow Donation Screen

My Allergies

You can register all the allergies detected by yourself or your doctor with this division date detail. You can log in to two separate divisions: drug allergies and other allergies, and you can edit or delete your allergy information. (Figure 31.) Diagnosis Allergies and Skin Prick Tests will be filled by your physician. You can not interfere in this area, just follow this screen.

Figure 31. Allergy Display

Emergency Notes

Emergency notes will be made available on this screen so that healthcare personnel can respond to you in an emergency. (Figure 32.)

Figure 32. Emergency Notes Screen

You can add new notes by clicking the "Add New Note" button. You can edit or delete emergency notes that you have added (Figure 33).

Figure 33. Emergency Notes / Add Emergency Note Screen

My Documents

If you want your doctor to see your current health status about the instant wound, rash and so on you can upload photos to this space. (Figure 34.)

Figure 34. My Documents Screen

You can upload photos by clicking the "Upload Photo" button, edit the documents you have added or delete them if you do not want to. (Figure 35.)

Figure 35. My Documents / Add Document Screen

My Access Information

You can list the profiles that access your account, including yourself, by date and time. It is possible to filter between the selected date range and records. (Fig. 36) You can see the people who can access your account / data and you can reach the Ministry authorities and make the necessary warning notices when you meet an unwanted or objectionable situation.

Figure 36. Access Information Screen


Adding Data (Blood Pressure, Sugar, Pulse, Weight)

With the Web Interface

You can add values here by clicking on the tab 'Blood Pressure, Sugar, Pulse and Weight' with the 'Add' button in the home page via the web interface. The values you add can be updated with the Update button. (Figure 37.).

Figure 37. Data Insertion Screen

With the "Data to Display" button you can choose whether you want to see all your blood pressure, sugar, heart rate and weight data from the web or your data values transferred from the mobile application. (Figure 38.)

Figure 38. Display Screen

With Wearable Mobile Devices

Your phone or Android Wear watch automatically records your walking, running, or riding activities during the day via the e-Nabız mobile application.

Organ donation

Your organ donation notifications from this screen will be forwarded to the organ donation units of the Ministry of Health. Requests arriving here are mailed to bagis@saglik.gov.tr. The authorities of the organ donation unit will communicate with you. (Figure 39.)

Figure 39. Blood Donation Screen

Appointment Procedures

When you press the appointment button, you can direct your appointments to the MHRS website. You can view your appointments in your calendar, view the time and details by pressing on the appointment you have received. (Figure 40.)

Figure 40. Appointment Screen

You can make appointments for yourself, your children and your parents through the system. (Figure 41.)

Figure 41. Get Appointment Screen


You can share your healthcare details with the people you choose and the people you will authorize. If you have children under the age of 16, you can see the health records of your children on this screen, with the approval of the other parent in the "My children" section. (Figure 42)

Figure 42. Share Screen

From the "My Continuous Sharing" tab you can give continuous access to the people you want to see your health care provider. (Figure 43.)

Figure 43. Health Record Continuous Sharing Screen

You can manage your time-sharing shares from the "Temporal Sharing" tab. You can make shares from this screen for hours such as 1 hour, 3 days or 2 months. You can edit or delete all your temporary shares without expiration. From the "Shared with me" tab you can access those who share their health data with you. You can edit the contents of the health information you share with the person you are connecting with by clicking the "Edit" button, and you can restore the authority you have given with the "Delete" button. You can also accept or reject incoming connection requests. You may be aware of the status updates of those you are connected to as far as you are informed.


How is My Personal Health Information Gathered?

The health information in e-Nabız is generated by sending the data such as the diagnoses made, the medical images taken, the medicines prescribed, the allergies detected and similar information to the e-Nabız system in electronic environment by the healthcare institutions from the start of the e-Nabız.

Who can access my information?

The information can only be seen by the physicians you have authorized or by the people you have permanently or temporarily permitted by using the "Share" option in the system.


Complaint Reports

On this screen you can report complaints about health facilities you have visited or any other matter (Figure 44).

Figure 44. Report Complaint Screen

You can forward your requests and complaints about e-Nabız via e-Nabız Call Center (0850 240 03 03).

What is Athlete Health Information System?

Athlete's Health Information System

The Athlete Health Information System is an informative mobile application where the athletes can inquire whether the active ingredients of the medicines they are taking have doping-affect content according to the publications of the World Anti-Doping Agency. It was developed to encourage the use of more conscious medicines by the athletes and to supply the necessary information in this regard. You can download the app for free from Google Play Store and App Store. You can login to the system with your T.C. Identity Number and e-Nabız password.